Lost in thoughts
John. 20. Straight. 6'3". Ecuadorian/Irish. ISTP. Activist. Realist. Libertarian. Fighter. Musician. Health nut. Gamer. Movie watcher. Book reader. Insomniac. Workout enthusiast. Stoner. Poet. Indigo child. Atheist. Eccedentesiast. Single.

This blog is my outlet for everything.
It is a result of what I think, feel, and enjoy.
Lost in thoughts

Ask me :)
A - If I’m in love.B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.C - How long it’s been since I’ve kissed.D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.E - How many holes I have in my ears.F - Give me any options, like ‘hot or cold?’G - The last person I said ‘I love you’ to.H - The last person I hugged.I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.J - How old I am.K- What i hate.L - If I have siblings.M - If I forgive betrayal.N - If you want to know how I treat my friends.O - If I like my school.P - What kind of music I like.Q - What the last party I went to was, and when the next will be.R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.S - 2 habits.T- 5 things I love unconditionally.U - How many texts I send daily.V - 3 big dreams.W - An idol.X - If I’ve done something I regret very much.Y - If I like my town and why.Z - Ask any question you want.


How to use sand to freak people out

Imagine if some guy was tripping and saw the woman, runs up to help her and she just crumbles apart in his hands. That’s gonna take the trip south.

Black 458 in Paris ©


when bae does the thing

I’m not ur bae